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The MetaVerifier

So Simple it's patented; US# 8,370,911 & US# 9,019,071 with more pending


MetaVerifier MetaVerifer Wiring The MetaVerifier appear as a card reader to the tenant system. Compatable with all Hexicurity Meta edge devices, it echos card reads to the tenant and measures the tenant response. If the tenant vouches for the card, the MetaVerifier returns a virtual card to the originating reader. This device appears as a reader that outputs Weigand pulses, the industry standard. Hexicurity devices are compatible with all major panel manufacturers.
Product #: MetaVerifier Regular price: $ 1579.99 Available from: Hexicurity In stock!

Hexicurity has extensive experience in the field of commercial and industrial security. We work with doors, turnstiles, gates, and elevators. Based on years of development and field experience, Hexicurity developed the solution relied upon by major accounting, transportation, utility, and government tenants.

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By placing your tenants in direct control of their own cards and building access we cut your staff's workload while improving tenant satisfaction.