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The Power Over Cat5 Cable version is the first industrial control with 32 I/O points completely powered with the Power over CAT5 Cable standard. Using the industry standard B1 Brain Boards from Opto22 these device communicate with the host computer as standard "COM" ports making them compatible with a multitude of control software.

Using our Travis computer package allows the integrator to control upto 128 individually controlled floor selects per cab and up to 32 cabs per system. This system also allows for environmental and other systems to be controlled from a card read or the access control console.

The Hexicurity Access Control Software (Travis) offers easy integration of security into the elevator controls by the use of "levels". Every card in the system is assigned a level. When that card is presented to the reader an administrator defined pattern of relays are engaged allowing electrical access to the buttons for which they have authorized. The card holder then selects their floor as they usually would.

The administrator assigns floors to levels by a Microsoft Access Database. Each Level is defined by a series of tick marks, one for each floor. If the box is ticked, the floor is authorized. The installer correlates those floors with the actual field hardware. The system will accommodate service elevator rises with 128 selectable floor.

Additionally, the time of day and the day of the week can also be used to define which floors a card holder may select.

Please note that this system can also be used to integrate the access controls with modern environmental controls allowing authorization and tracking of after hours HVAC and lighting use.

Technical Details for the Opto22 Brain Boards are here, and details of the Optomux Protocol are here. As with all of our products, communications are done over Ethernet.

All Hexicurity Products are compatible with the major manufactures of MiFare, Proximity and Weigand Readers.


Simplified installation with Power Over Cat5 Cable.