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So Simple it's patented; US# 8,370,911 & US# 9,019,071 with more pending


UltraDistributor UltraDistributor Parallel Wiring Wired in parallel, the UltraDistributor monitors the building readers. It distributes tenant card reads to associated UltraVerifers. The UltraVerifiers in turn verifies the cards with the appropriate tenant. If the tenant vouches for a card, first a quick release is returned to the originating reader followed by a virtual chaser card, allowing appropriate base building access. Just five wires per portal make the required electrical connections. Two wires connect the optically isolated normally open output switch has a maximum rating of 24 Volts at 500 Milliamp. The remaining three wires monitor the building reader.
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Hexicurity has extensive experience in the field of commercial and industrial security. We work with doors, turnstiles, gates, and elevators. Based on years of development and field experience, Hexicurity developed the solution relied upon by major accounting, transportation, utility, and government tenants.

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Our systems are pretested and site ready. As a great chef would say "mise in place", ready for quick installation.